Trick to Get Dofollow Backlink from Google Drive PR8

Matt cutts from Google recently confirmed that backlinks are still important and prior method to rank a blog or site. This is opposite to the statement made by some SEOs that backlinks were dead which is not true anymore.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s build some fantastic backlinks again… Why?
You know the answer… Everyone wants to rank higher…
But do you know if you are able to find one very high quality backlinks then you don’t need to go here and there to build links.
High quality means PR 7, 8, 9 backlinks. These all are equivalent to 1000 low quality backlinks.
Some of you might ask would it be equivalent to PR8 if we build two backlinks from PR 4 site? No it won’t be. Getting a page rank from PR 8 site is much more than that of even 10 PR4 sites.

Now get ready to get one such backlinks worth PR8 which is dofollow in nature. I’m sure you must have heard about Google drive. It has page rank of 8. By the end of this trick you would be able to get one dofollow backlink from Google drive with PR just in a minute.

Get Dofollow Backlink from Google Drive PR 8

  • Now you need to create a folder.For this go to create>>Folder.Give any name to folder.I have given name as “test”.(See screenshot).
Dofollow Backlink from Google Drive

  • Next step is to make a html file in your notepad having link to your website with relevant anchor text.
  • Make sure you add dofollow tag with link.
  • I have crated “mytest.html” file in my PC.
Dofollow Backlink from Google Drive
  • Now upload the html file into your folder.You can easily drag and drop your file into folder.
  • In my case I have uploaded “mytest.html” to my folder “test”.

  • In next step you need to make your folder and file visible to public.
  • For this right click on file>>Share>>share.

Dofollow Backlink from Google Drive11
  • In another window click change>>visibility option>>public on the web.
  • Now we have make our folder and file as public.
  • In next step right click on your folder>>Details and activity.
  • In your R.H.S top click on Details.Now copy the link as shown in the screenshot.

  • Open a new tab and just paste the copied url in address bar.
  • Now put “/your file name”.
  • In my case I have inserted “/mytest.html”.Hit enter.

Dofollow Backlink from Google Drive-end

  • Now you will see the required page with dofollow backlinks.In my case i inserted anchor text as “Blogging tricks and tips” which is shown in screenshot.
  • All done you have created a dofollow backlink from Google Drive with PR 8.


All credits goes to Kulwant Nagi for providing and sharing this trick.He actually shared it on YouTube only, so I thought of compiling it to a post for better understanding.

Watch On Youtube:You can also watch the video tutorial on Youtube.

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