How to Find Original Source of an Image on Google-Reverse Image Serach

There are thousands of similar images of an image which includes modified version, copied version etc on web. As a blogger we also use relevant images on every blog post, without which, post is incomplete because an image tells thousand words. 
Have you ever thought who was the person/agency/website that actually uploaded that original image first on the web? Same may happen for you as well. Suppose you posted an image that you had captured with hard work but after some time, you didn’t see any credit for your work and you will see hundred of similar copies with or without modification, spreaded over Google images. 
How you will tell somebody that you were the actual owner? Is there any ways by which we could find the original uploader of an image? Yes we can, thanks to Google reverse image search by which we can find the original source with similar copies of an image.
Find Original Source Of an Image on Google-Reverse Image Serach
 In this tutorial I will be sharing the tutorial to do reverse images searching in Google search engine. Google images is one of the best images searching option and by advance image search we can do a lot more.
According to Google:

Instead of typing words, you can use a picture as your search to find related images from around the web. For example, if you search using a picture of your favorite band, you can find similar images, websites about the band, and even sites that include the same picture.
Reverse image search

Here’s how reverse image search is useful:

  • Most important feature of this tool is that you can see ifanyone is stealing or copying your original photos, brand logo, avatar etc.
  • Make sure your own images are not being re-used
  • Monitor your own infographic being re- published
  • You can also search for any relevant images you planning for your post.

I have shared the full guide to protect and check for duplicate copies of our content and how to prevent them in past. Check out
But for images these techniques were not useful, this technique is the only and best way to prevent your hard creative work from being stolen.

Find Image source/copies on web from your computer:

  • Visit or click the camera icon  in the search box on any Images results page.
  • Click Upload an image.
  • Click Choose file.
  • Select the image from your computer.

Find Original Source Of Images from any websites:(Easy)

a)Google-Reverse Image Serach On Chrome(Best and easiest)

  • Right-click any image you see on a website or in search results.
  • Click Search Google for this image.
 Google-Reverse Image Serach chrome
  • A new tab will open with your results.

b)Google-Reverse Image Serach On Firefox:

  • Download the Search by Image extension.
  • Right-click any image you see on a website or in search results.
  • Click Search Google with this image.
  • A new tab will open with your results.
Although I would recommend you to not use Google Reverse image search for reusing other’s images without any permission but you can always search for copyrights free, royalty free images on Google in my previous guide here.

Over to you:

Technology is evolving day by do and one of this technique is this reverse image search which has been helping many users. Now it’s your turn to share your experience. Have you used it before? Do you have any suggestions or query? Feel free to ask in the comments below.


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    Vow it is a good way to find who is stealing your image and you can take action against copycats. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post

    • says

      Thanks Mi Muba, as we know there are many copycats around it is better to look for your hard earned content.Images are also a part of that and we should protect it as much as we protect our content.