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Win 3 Dreamhost Hosting Account:Giveaway

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Dreamhost is one of the optimal and top hosting company with managed WordPress hosting DreamPress. One year of premium hosting from Dreamhost is priced at close to $120.Today we have come up with an exciting giveaway in which you have the opportunity to win shared hosting account from Dreamhost for one year.So if you are thinking about to start a new blog, or want to go for WordPress, then grab this opportunity by participating in this giveaway immediately.

Features of Dreamhost:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth + storage
  • 1 free domain + who.is guard
  • One click WordPress installation (They offer custom cPanel)
  • Free Adwords credit.
  • Round the clock Tech support.

Sign Up Now for Dreamhost

Use special discount coupon and save upto $97 Use Code:


Rules and Regulations:

  • Decision of Rafflecopter will be final.
  • Don't spam please, we can detect spam entries easily and they will not be counted. :)
  • Our decision will be final & lucky winner will be randomly chosen. All the rights are reserved to myblogpromo.
  • In any case, some bad conditions occurs – We have right to terminate the contest.
  • Open to worldwide users and readers.
  • Winners will be announced on 16 May.
  • Be genuine, share more, and WIN!

We are using Rafflecopter to manage this giveaway.You can Enter to this contest by just entering your Email or Facebook id, and just follow some simple steps like, Like, follow,Subscribe etc.These steps are simple and requires no efforts.After completing the all steps just calm and wait for the results.

Enter Now:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be announced in this column. We’ll also email the winner for further info.
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WordPress Blog Setup Service For Free With Premium Theme

Not every blogger is great with Setting up new blog and optimize it, because WordPress is not as simple as BlogSpot is If you are completely new you might end up yourself wasting your hosting money and time and finally you end up yourself wasting hundreds of dollars to setup WordPress out there on different blogs or from freelancers. .

Thursday, 17 April 2014

7 Best Places to Buy and Sell Blogs & Websites

Posted by Pramod Sharma
Buying and selling blog and website has been an optimal business for years and many are making huge money by selling websites. This business of selling and buying website is called website flipping.

The basic principles are quite simple in which a person firstly build a profitable niche website or blog and after making it a trusted and popular niche, they sell it for thousands of bucks. 

This way they make huge money in short span of time. Although for some it is a regular business while for some it is just a way to get little extra bucks from a website that you couldn't handle or didn't want to. Similarly the domain flipping works in which if you are the owner of profitable domain which actually has a value in the market can get bid in thousands dollars.

Therefore website flipping is one of the money making processes online but definitely it takes time and experience to get started in flipping.

In case you want to sell your blog or site you need to take a look on the following things while selling or buying a site.
  • You need to look at the domain age factor and bid accordingly
  • Number of backlinks, numbers for unique visite, page views, number of comments, numbers for posts, Alexa ranking and most important earning per month are few to look before buying a blog or site.

Today I am going to share the platform and marketplace where you would be able to put your site for listening or able to see and bid offers to buy a site or blog.

Note:Some of marketplace listed below are premium marketplace where you would need to pay some amount of money in order to place your listening.


Flippa is the number one and best marketplace for buying and selling website. It has already sold 120 million website since its start. The best thing about Flippa is its smooth user interface, better search feature and thousands of opportunity. Placing you listing will cost you $19. 

Flippa stands out from its competitors as it provides with the best verification methods like phone verification, Google analytics verification for traffic stats and many more. You will get your site listing in front of serous buyers who are always willing to pay you good amount.

BuySellWebsite :

Buysellwebsite is another premium marketplace which is quite popular. Her it will cost you $59 for a 2-week listing, or $99 for a two-month long listing along with a free one-month extension, for a total of three months which also includes being featured on the front page .Again the search flexibility and user interface is awesome which will make it easy to find the required information.


Site indeed is best marketplace if you want to place your listing for free. It provide you the opportunity to list your site free for 90 days but if you want to extend the date you need to pay for the same. You also get chance to get features listing which list your site on front page and gives wider opportunity than others.

eBay Website Auctions:

EBay allows you to list your website for free and gives you opportunity to get indexed by search engine ad well, hence you get chances to get more bidders from search engine as well. Although you might not get authentication processes which makes it easy for some but you could get willing buyers if your site has something special.

Webmaster Talk Forums:

This free marketplace along with website flipping gives you to buy and sell other webmasters related products like, apps, templates, themes, plug-ins and much more. So I would recommend you to use this marketplace if you want to explore more rather than just website flipping.

Sedo Auctions :

This marketplace is also free and one of the established marketplace for domain buyers and sellers. Although you need to pay 10 commissions when your site get the buyer. Finding and making bud is easy and you get straight options for which you want to look. Promoting your domain name and making it visible to others is quite easy on Sedo.

Deal A Site :

This marketplace is also free to use and one of the established one. I user navigation and listing your website is also easy. You can easily get number of bids for your website here.

Also Read:

So this was the list of some marketplaces if you ever thought of making some money from you old blogs or thinking of starting with established websites. Although it takes perfection and strategy to get into website flipping but you can always try out these places for starting from basics as well.

Do you have any other similar marketplace in your mind which lets you buy and sell websites or blog? Do share with is if any in the comment below and you are also welcome to give your suggestion about listed above.
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ultimate On-Page SEO tricks to Follow in 2014

Posted by Pramod Sharma
Few years back, on page SEO used to be not that much important for webmasters as off page SEO techniques used to, like link building, guest posting forum posting etc. But now after Google penguins, panda, and hummingbird era everything has changed a lot. Now on page SEO has taken over off page SEO and is considered the only way to survive.

For newbie let me describe in short what actually on page SEO refers to. As name suggest on page SEO is techniques used to increase search engine visibility by using techniques like keyword selection, formatting of data, quality of article, meta description and linking.

Why on page SEO is important than off page SEO:

Previously what webmasters used to do is, spinning content and building thousands of backings by blackhat techniques which ultimately led them to first page of Google. No matter what was written on that page. But after penguin and panda updates which was special designed for these type of spamming, cleaned all such type of rubbish from web.
  • After penguin building back links has been a kind risk and nobody knows when you will be penalized.
  • Other off page techniques like guest blogging and directory submission is also been confirmed dead by Google in 2014 as recently Google penalized one of the popular guest blogging community. 
  • Although it's not completely dead but you need to accept high quality and related to your niche guest blog only.
  • Other techniques like directory submission are also almost dead. Now instead of building 1000 links you should focus on getting one link from high profile site.

Now only hope for webmasters left is on page SEO which I am going to share in this post and the techniques which you should follow to get best results and things you should avoid I'm order to remain safe in 2014

Nothing like keyword density in 2014

If you came across any old article about on page SEO, you would have seen point like repeating your keywords and keyword density. But let me make this clear that repeating keywords is not a good idea in 2014.
  • After Google hummingbird update, the query which Google display on search results are not related to the keywords anymore.
  • Instead there is a new term called semantic search in which you use different keyword combination rather than using same keyword and your chances of getting higher tanking get doubled.
  • So now onwards don't bother about how many times you have repeated your keyword or not, just focus on providing different meaning and combination which seem attractive to your user.
  • As Google is evolving to 'not provided ' means hiding keywords from webmasters for which they were ranking for, certainly points to conclusion that Google doesn't want to play around keywords anymore.

Although you should use keyword planning, and use your main keyword in title but should not focus on density any more. However long tail keywords are still the best way to get organic traffic.

Tile and Meta description:

Title still plays an important role while Meta description is not considered by Google in ranking anymore. I mentioned because some bloggers still use it as ranking factor.
  • However titles are still important for human as well as robots. Title is the only thing that makes a person to click on a post, no matter how best your content is. If you have written a great article and didn't make a catchy and attractive headline chances are very less that your article goes viral. 

  • If we talk about robots they still search for keyword in title and it's still a ranking factor used by Google. So you should research your Title as much as you’re content. Try to make catchy headline and keep in mind both humans and search robots.

Length of the post (New and working)

This is the new ranking factor introduced in 2014 and study revealed that the posts having words count between 1000-2500 has 70% more chances of ranking higher than those of low counts. 

  • Now the ideal length of a post is considered above 1000 words. Theory of 500 words had been proven wrong. Although you still get chances of ranking for lower length posts for low competition keywords and long tail keywords. 
  • But for competitive posts you should write as much as in depth as you could. But that doesn't mean that you write rubbish and unrelated things. You should focus in researching your post thoroughly and include as much as points you could.
  • In depth article section is also new from Google in which you will get only Huge length articles.

Interlinking and anchor text:

Interlinking to your previous posts and guide is always helpful if we talk about reader views hence it's still best practice in search optimization as well. But using keyword rich anchor text while linking could be harmful for your blog. 
To know more about anchor text and beat use refer to my previous post.

  • Interlinking not only helps in SEO but also in better user engagement, lower bounce rate, higher time on a page and higher page views. But excess of everything is bad; hence you should avoid too much interlining as well.
  • While linking to external links means others blog don't forget to nofollow the links.

Permalinks optimization:

Permalinks or we can say the URL of a post also counts as a ranking factor in search results. Optimizing your URL can help you to rank higher in search results as compared to the random URL. 

  • But don't play with URL of already published posts otherwise it will affect your blog in terms of broken links. Try to avoid stop keywords in URL. Also keep in mind to include your main keywords in URL as well. Smaller the length better Permalinks is. So keep it short and useful.

Blog loading speed:

This factor is also an important factor which had no influence earlier but in 2014 it is confirmed that blog loading time has influence on search ranking of your page. Google pushes down that site having poor speed. Because poor speed effect good user experience. 

I have discussed tool to check page loading speed earlier you can check out. 
  • 5 Online Free Tools to Test Your Blog Loading Speed
  • Analyze your page speed and do the required action as suggested in order to keep your blog fast and clean. If you are in WordPress your host also plays an important role in page load speed. Compressing images, css, and java script may help in better user experience.

Optimize images:

Google doesn't read images so how can images be a ranking factor? For that we need to optimize it in on page SEO. Optimization can be done by adding useful title and most important alt tag which is considered as ranking factor when it comes to images. 

  • For better results include your main keywords in alt tags. Asian compressed and better quality images are always better and safe as it doesn't affect your blog speed.

Avoid duplicate content:

Duplicate content is a common issue online and even big brands sometimes face it too but Google doesn't allow it. Therefore it comes into on page SEO strategy. Duplicate content can be caused by some simple pages like archive paged, label pages, and search pages etc. 

For that I have published whole guide on blocking that type of issue with the help of Robot.txt file.

Robot.txt for Blog SEO: List of Generator and Checker tool

Fix Duplicate Meta Description Error in Webmaster tool
  • You can also take advantage of URL canonization to tell Google which page to take and which to block.
  • Other duplicate content issue is content scrapers and stealer who just copy and paste exile article on their blog, which might affect you as well. So for that you need to take necessary steps. 
  • You can refer to following article to fight against such scrapers.

Header tags optimization:

Header tags make it easy to organize the content in better manner for users as well as robots. You can use different tags like H2 for you post Title and H3, H4 and so on for subheadings. H1 is usually used for Blog title. Placing your desired keywords in the header tags gives you advantage when it comes to ranking of the page. But make sure you don't overuse it.

Content is always the king:

Content is always the king. If you write post keeping in mind your readers, no search engine can block that post to get on top. High quality and engaging content that make reader to share and comment on it is called quality content.
  • Try to make stunning content that has been never posted online will definitely going to be viral. Also you can use fresh contents to get some traffic from search engine. With changing SEO I would suggest you to make your first priority as content and all other things after that.


So this was how on page SEO has changed in 2014 and what you can do to get organic traffic from optimizing your posts content. As said earlier in upcoming years Google is heading toward penalizing all black hat SEO techniques and who knows which whitehat SEO turns out be back hat in Google's eye in future. But I am sure that content always will be the king. If you have power to make people read your content and share it, you will never get any problem. These tips are mandatory if you are trying to make it to Google 1st page.

Please share your views and suggestion in the comment and in case you have more points to add you are always welcome. Do share if you liked the post to your friends.
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

5 Must have Blogging Habits to include in Daily Routine

Posted by Pramod Sharma
Whether you are in any profession or in blogging one should be specific to his daily habits and must follow some protocols if one wants to be on the next step on another day when he woke up. These protocols are set of rules that one should incorporate daily in order to get maximum mileage out of it. Same applies to blogging in which you need to do some important task on daily basis no matter how busy you are; otherwise your blog will not just fall short of traffic but also with revenue and growth. 

Therefore in this post I will be sharing some of the points that you should do every day on regular basis. Implementing and following these tips will help you to win a long run race with minimal effort in blogging.

Write regularly:

Some of bloggers says that you should update your blog daily.I don't agree with this point but I definitely suggest writing on daily basis. Updating daily might cause low quality content but writing on daily basis means you are putting effort on daily basis to create great content at the end.

As a blogger one should be as much as perfect writer as he could and writing only improves if we practice more and more. So now onward make a habit of writing daily, whether it is hundred words or thousand.

Short terms goals are the key:

Short terms goals are always considered more effective as compared to larger and broader business goals. Whenever I say short term goals it refers to the goals that you should set daily on complete in short span of time. This way you would be able to split your broader goals into smaller ones which are easier to complete as compared to other.
set goals
For example this could be tweaking your template, making changes in your content strategy minority etc. This could include commenting on specific number of blogs, replying to specific number of comments, building specific back links etc. Now you can imagine after the completion of a month how much you would have earned by putting you small portion every day.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean

Reply to your comments:

This is one mistake most of bloggers do. In order to make a community around your blog you should respond to as much as comments as you could. Probloggers like Neil Patel has a habit of replying to each and every comment. You can see hundred of comments on a single post there. Ignoring a single comment can cause you to lose one potential reader. Although you should be able to figure out between spam comment and a genuine one and reply accordingly.

Be updated about the latest happening:

This is the most important habit you should have. Reading content related to your niche, remaining updated about latest happening in your field is something which is essential for you blog growth as well as yours. For example if you blog about SEO then you should follow searchengineland.com to remain updated with latest news of SEO. You can use any social media and follow the respective blogs and sites. Either you can subscribe them or use services like feedly to get all the updates via feeds.

If you are one of those who are unaware of trending, you might misguide your blog reader which ultimately leads to hurt their trust. For example if we talk about SEO blog, you should know the latest penalization on myblogguest.com community by Google which was the signal for guest blogging spamming. So if you are still using those old techniques of guest blogging, you might be in trouble.

You are allowed to take a break as well:

It's not that you will fail If you miss a day blogging. We as a human need a break to refresh ourselves. Blogging become most tough if you stuck in between hurdles like writers block, lack of new ideas and content, lack of motivation etc. 

You could always take a leave and cut yourself from every part of your blog.But that doesn't mean that you go and enjoy for a month and so. 3-4 days vacation could be mind refreshing and you would definitely come with new stunning ideas for you blog.

Summing up

Either it is blogging or any work you need to make a daily strategy and routine in order to become a professional and it also might takes years. These were some works you might not forget when considering your daily routine in blogging. It may vary from person to person and there are many others ways like promoting content, taking new courses etc which you can include to the list. 

Do you have any other point in mind? Please share with us in the comments below. If you follow these tips, how these are making you better blogger every day? Please share your views in the comments below.
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Friday, 11 April 2014

Robot.txt for Blog SEO: List of Generator and Checker tool

Posted by Pramod Sharma
Robot.txt file is simply a line of codes that tells crawler what part of site to index and which not. As a blogger you should at least know the basic of Robot.txt file. Although it sounds more technical word but it is just as simple as publishing post. 

Robot.txt for Blog SEO: List of Generator and Checker tool

In this tutorial I will be sharing about tools that will help you to easily create Robot.txt file and tools to check whether the file you created is right or not. Because just a line of wrong code can block your site from being index in Google which ultimately leads to no traffic.

You don't need to go into the technical aspects and meaning of each line and neither I am going to teach you, but I will be sharing simple meaning and a tool that makes it easy to handle all.

Advantage of using Robot.txt

As I said with Robot.txt file you can tell Google to not index certain URL or part of the website, therefore you can take advantage in many ways

  • For example there are many parts of blog like archive, labels, search pages which we usually don't like to display in search results. All these pages contains duplicate content in perspective of a crawler which in returns cause duplicate content issue and finally lower ranking.
  • You will get the notification for the same in webmasters tool. To fix that I already shared the ways previously.
Fix Duplicate Meta Description Error in Webmaster tool
How to Remove 404 Broken Links Errors
  • So by simply blocking all these type of pages in Robot.txt file you will save all these kind of issues.
  • Similarly on WordPress you can block wp-admin area from robots and similarly other directories.
  • Having a Robot.txt file gives you advantage of a better blog management in terms of seo and Google crawler love that too.

Disadvantages of Robot.txt

There are no disadvantages as such but wrong use of Robot.txt file could lead to serious problem in blog.
  • For example you could accidentally place a code that actually tells crawler to not index you blog.
  • Similarly you might end up yourself blocking important pages.
  • When I was newbie I also blocked my sitemap from Google crawler and that caused the problem of not indexing my further posts. But I figured out in webmasters tool and immediately fixed the problem.

But you don't need to worry if you make use of tools that I listed below. But using these tools you can check whether you have correctly placed the code or not.

According to google:
A robots.txt file restricts access to your site by search engine robots that crawl the web. These bots are automated, and before they access pages of a site, they check to see if a robots.txt file exists that prevents them from accessing certain pages.

How to see your robot.txt file

  • Enter following url in the address bar

  • Replace yoursiteurl with your own blog url

The simplest robots.txt file

  • User-agent: the robot the following rule applies to
  • Disallow: the URL you want to block
User-Agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /folder2/

Tools to create Robot.txt file:

These tools are simple to use and it makes all hectic of understanding Robot.txt file easiest. 

  • You just need to add the URL which you want to block and just hit enters. This tools will automatically add it to you file. After you complete just copy the code and paste it into your Robot.txt file. 
  • Finally use tools to check the correctness.
Robot.txt for Blog SEO: List of Generator
Alternate tool

Add robot.txt to Blogger blog:

  • In blogger you can easily add Robot.txt code by going to settings>Search preferences.

Robot.txt for Blog SEO

Tools to check/Test Robot.txt file:

I strongly recommend you to use these tools after you added the code to your blog, because if something went wrong you would not be able to recognize the problem.

1. Using Google webmaster tool

  • Webmasters tool for Google is best for testing purposes and for that you can go to Crawl section of Webmaster Tools and then Blocked URLs 
  • Just copy the code from your blogger Robot.txt file and paste it in the box provided.

Robot.txt for Blog SEO: List of Generator and Checker tool

  • Now in the lower box enter your URL which you want to check and click test. 

  • You will see a message showing the status if the URL is blocked by Robot.txt or not. It also shows the line which is allowing or blocking.

Remember adding code here in webmasters tool is just for testing purposes, it doesn't add Robot.txt file to you blog. For that you have to add the file in you blog only.

2. Frbee Robot.txt check

  • www.robotstxt.org/checker.html‎
  • http://phpweby.com/services/robots

This was the simplest yet effective tutorial to understand and implementation of Robot.txt file in your blog. All the probloggers use Robot.txt for their blogs and you should too, but make sure you don't end up your blog harming firm it. That's why I have shared the testing tools as well. 

Do you have any questions? Did you placed wrong code in your Robot.txt file? Do you want to know what's the meaning of each line is? Please feel free to ask me in the comments below. I am always here to help you. Also share you experience of using Robot.txt file. Don't forget to like us in Facebook and Google plus.
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Writing tips and Interview with Aspiring Writer Ali Luke

Posted by Pramod Sharma
In this interview series, so far we had Ankit Singla, Ravi Kumar and today we have one of the popular writer and guest Blogging professional, Ali Luke. She blog about writing on Aliventures. She is editor of one of the popular blog DailyBlogTips and Head of Content at Zen Optimise.

Writing great content is essential if you want to take your blog to the next level.In this interveiw you will learn the secret tips to create stunning content and guest blogging trick to get featured on high authority blogs.

Ali Luke

I’m really thankful as she accepted my interview request and gave good amount of time in giving the answers to questions in such a busy schedule.I am sharing this interview question-answer session without further delay:

1. First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview invitation Ali. Please give us some information about yourself, your personal life and a little bit about your blog and how has been the blogging journey so far for you?

Thanks for having me, Pramod! I’m a writer living in Oxford in the UK, with my husband and daughter (currently 13 months old). I’ve been blogging professionally since 2008. After a couple of false starts with blogs that I enjoyed initially but didn’t have the enthusiasm for long-term, I now blog about writing on my site Aliventures. I’m also editor of DailyBlogTips and Head of Content at Zen Optimise.

2. I see your posts on popular blog, including Dailyblogtips ProBlogger, CopyBlogger etc. Can you share the secret to get featured on such popular blogs?

The only “secret” is to write a really good blog post that’s on-topic for their audience. Really, that’s all you need to do. Of course it’s easier said than done…

Some would-be guest bloggers worry that they need to have a big blog of their own, or a huge Twitter following, or lots of experience. None of this is true. I landed my first guest post a couple of weeks after launching my first blog.

3. As one of the popular guest writer, what’s about guest blogging and how should we do it keeping in mind the latest statement coming from Matt Cutts where he is advocating people to stop doing guest blogging for link building purpose and your views on recent Google panelize of MyBlogGuest.com .

Yes, keep doing it -- but don’t have SEO in mind. I guest post to build relationships (with other bloggers and their readers) and, quite often, to promote a particular product or service. Of course it’s useful to have the link from a big blog, but this is far from my main motivation.

This means that you should aim to get guest posts on really high-quality blogs -- it’s definitely the case here that quality beats quantity.

I was pretty surprised to hear that Google had penalized MyBlogGuest.com. I’ve not used the site myself (I’m definitely not short of guest posting opportunities!) but it seemed to me that they provide a useful and reputable service.

4. Ali, Please share moments that you feel are the best and worst moment you had so far in your blogging journey and freelancing? And was there a time when feel you should give up blogging?

There have been loads of highlights along the way, but the best has been launching and running my membership site Writers’ Huddle. I still have a long way to go with it, but I have a great core  community of loyal members and I really enjoy producing seminars, courses and other content for the site.

I can’t think of a worst moment, really. There have been a few times when things have been difficult -- like when I decided to quit blogging on my first two blogs, and I didn’t have a blog of my own at all for a few months. But it wasn’t really a bad time.

I’ve never seriously considered giving up -- I couldn’t go back to having a 9 - 5 day job. It’s just not me, and now that I have a young daughter, I want to be around as much as possible for her too.

5. When and how did you start as editor for Daniel’s DailyBlogTips?

I started in September 2013. Daniel and I have worked together on various projects going back to 2008. (In fact, he was the second ever person to hire me to blog, before I even quit my day job -- that was for his site DailyWritingTips.) I’ve also guest posted quite a few times for DailyBlogTips in the past.

Daniel is an amazing guy with loads of ideas and projects on the go, so he felt it was time to bring in some extra help with DailyBlogTips -- and I was really excited when I got his email asking if I’d like to become editor of the blog.

6. Please share your favorite blogs/websites which you read often?
These are ones which I love -- and often recommend:

7. Ali, you have been very active on major social media networks. Please share some tips bloggers should be using Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter to get maximum mileage.

I’ve not been as active as I’d like over the past couple of years -- it’s been a hectic time! One tip I have is to focus on just one or two networks (my main ones are Facebook and Twitter) rather than spreading yourself too thin. Tools like Buffer are a great way to queue up updates in advance, too, so you don’t need to keep logging in.

It’s definitely worth creating a Google+ account so you can use Google Authorship -- this means your name and photo will display alongside your blog posts in search results, giving you greater visibility.


8. What will be your advice to someone who is just starting his first blog or freelancing? Most of bloggers find it hard to build good amount of traffic on their blogs, please share few tips they should follow to bring targeted traffic to their blogs.

If you’re starting your first blog, choose a topic you really want to write about for years to come. Make it something that you’re 100% proud and happy to be associated with. Don’t pick a topic just because you think it’s going to be easy to monetize.

If you’re starting freelancing, be willing to do a little bit of work for free initially so you can build up a portfolio and some testimonials. Focus on one area rather than covering lots of different things -- e.g. you could offer writing and editing, but not writing, editing, design and blog setup!

In terms of traffic, the very best thing I’ve found for a new blog is to guest post. This really can bring in significant amounts of traffic straight away. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get too caught up in optimizing for search engines -- this often leads to trying to take short cuts, then getting penalized by Google.

9. What are your goals for your blog in future or any other strategy?

I’d really like to build the readership of all my blogs, but particularly my own blog Aliventures, which tends to get a bit neglected in favour of Zen Optimise and DailyBlogTips! My main goal right now is to build up my Writers’ Huddle membership site, as that provides a steady monthly income.

10. I have been a fan of your writing style; please share your secret strategy to become a better blog writer?
No secrets, really, but here are some tips:

  • Plan your posts before you write them. This makes a big difference, however good/bad you are at writing.
  • Always edit your posts. Pay especially attention to the introduction and to the conclusion / call to action at the end of your post.
  • If you can afford it, take a writing course that includes feedback from a tutor, or pay an editor to edit some of your posts. Pay close attention to what they’ve changed and why. 
  • Write in a conversational, simple, direct way. Of course some bloggers are loved for their amazing way with words -- but if you’re giving useful information, you don’t need to do anything clever!
11. How Myblogpromo readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here?

The best way to keep up with me is to subscribe to my blog Aliventures and/or my newsletter. You can also follow me on Twitter at @aliventures and find me on Facebook here.

I hope you guys liked this interview and learn a lot from his experience. Please share your learning and in case you have any doubt or question, ask in comments section below.
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Monday, 7 April 2014

How to Highlight Author Comments in Blogger?

Posted by Pramod Sharma
I have talked about customizing author comment in past as well because it makes visitors to identify easily the reply from author and which improved the conversation flow in a blog comment. For that I will be sharing a tutorial in which you will know how to highlight author comments in blogger blog.
Benifits of Comments

How to highlight author comments in Blogger

  • Go to Blogger dashboard section . 

    • Now navigate to Edit Html section in Template tab .
    • Find the ]]></b:skin> in your template . 
    • Now add the below script ' Before ' it .
    .comment-body-author {
    background: #CEF6E3;
    border: 2px solid #FA5858;
    padding: 5px;

    • Find the tag <dd class='comment-body'> Or <data:comment.body/> 
    • After finding the above tag . Select the entire code as shown below .

    <dd class='comment-body'>
    <b:if cond='data:comment.isDeleted'>
    <span class='deleted-comment'><data:comment.body/></span>

    • After Selecting the code now add the below code Before it .

    <b:if cond='data:comment.author == data:post.author'>
    <dd class='comment-body-author'>
    This was how you can easily customize your comments for better navigation and conversation in your blog comments. If you are facing any difficulty in implementing the tutorial please feel free to ask in the comments.  
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